Welcome to the British Bulldog

If the words Arsenal, Tottenham or Blackburn mean anything to you, the Bulldog is the place you need to be. We open at 7:00am so you can catch your favorite team live from across the pond. (If you don’t know what any of this means, you can go ahead and stop reading now.) This is English Premier League heaven, but also soccer and rugby of every stripe. If you’re a fan or a player of the Beautiful Game, you’ll be in good company at the British Bulldog. Enough said.


Bulldog Football Schedule

This Week’s Football
Monday October 1st       
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 1pm (EPL)

Tuesday October 2nd
Hoffenheim v Manchester City 10:55am (UEFA Champions League)
Juventus v Young Boys 10:55am (UEFA Champions League)
CSKA Moskva v Real Madrid 1pm (UEFA Champions League)
Manchester United v Valencia 1pm (UEFA Champions League)

Wednesday October 3rd  
PSG v Crvena Zvezda 10:55am (UEFA Champions League)
Tottenham v Barcelona 1pm (UEFA Champions League)
Atletico Madrid v Club Brugge 1pm (UEFA Champions League)
Napoli v Liverpool 1pm (UEFA Champions League)

Thursday October 4th     
Qarabag v Arsenal 10:55am (Europa Cup)
Chelsea v Videoton 1pm (Europa Cup)
USWNT v Mexico 5:30pm (World Cup Qualifier)

Friday October 5th     
Werder Bremen v Wolfsburg 12:30pm (Bundesliga)
Brighton v West Ham 1pm (EPL)

Saturday October 6th       
Burnley v Huddersfield 8am (EPL)
Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton 8am (EPL)
Tottenham v Cardiff 8am (EPL)
Manchester  United v Newcastle 10:30am (EPL)
MLS Coverage Begins at 1pm (We have Direct Kick TV)
RAPIDS v LAFC 7pm (Home game Buses)

Sunday October 7th  
Fulham v Arsenal 5am (EPL)
Southampton v Chelsea 7:15am (EPL)
Liverpool v Manchester City 9:30am (EPL)