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Bulldog Football Schedule

This Week’s Football

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Monday March 25th
Montenegro v England 1:45pm (Euro Qual.)
Portugal v Serbia 1:45pm (Euro Qual.)
France v Iceland 1:45pm (Euro Qual.)

Tuesday March 26th
Malta v Spain 1:45pm (Euro Qual.)
USA v Chile 5:55pm (Friendly)
Mexico v Paraguay 8pm (Friendly)

Wednesday March 27th          

Thursday March 28th  

Friday March 29th             
Toronto v NY City FC 6pm (MLS)

Saturday March 30th   
Fulham v Manchester City 6:30am (EPL)
Crystal Palace v Huddersfield 9am (EPL)
Manchester United v Watford 9am (EPL)
West Ham v Everton 11:30am (EPL)
MLS Coverage Begins at 11am (We show all matches)
Rapids v Houston 7pm (Home Game/ Buses)

Sunday March 31st          
Cardiff v Chelsea 7:05am (EPL)
Liverpool v Tottenham 9:30am (EPL)
Orlando v DC United 4:30pm (MLS)
LA Galaxy v Portland 7pm (MLS)