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If the words Arsenal, Tottenham or Blackburn mean anything to you, the Bulldog is the place you need to be. We open at 7:00am so you can catch your favorite team live from across the pond. (If you don’t know what any of this means, you can go ahead and stop reading now.) This is English Premier League heaven, but also soccer and rugby of every stripe. If you’re a fan or a player of the Beautiful Game, you’ll be in good company at the British Bulldog. Enough said.


World Football Update

September 1, 2015

Feature Matches

This week we feature International Friendlies, and Euro 2016 Qualification matches! Euro Qualifiers kick off Thursday, and run in to the middle of next week. Highlights include Belgium v Bosnia (9/3), Germany v Poland (9/4), San Marino v England - Russia v Sweden - Spain v Slovakia (9/5), Turkey v Netherlands - Italy v Bulgaria (9/6), Scotland v Germany (9/7), and England v Switzerland (9/8)!

The USMNT has two big Friendlies upcoming. The first is against Peru this Friday night, followed by a match against Brazil next Tuesday evening! Both of these matches are considered the final tune ups before the USA face Mexico in the much anticipated Confederations Cup Qualifier on October 10th! Other Friendlies of note include Portugal v France (9/4), Brazil v Costa Rica & Chile v Paraguay (9/5), Colombia v Peru (9/7), and Argentina v Mexico & Costa Rica v Uruguay (9/8)!

On the Horizon

The Colorado Rapids have two tough matches next week, with Vancouver away on Wednesday night, and D.C. United at home Saturday! Manchester United meet Liverpool next Saturday morning in the EPL!

This Week's Football

Wednesday Sept. 2nd
Corinthians v Fluminese 7pm (Brazil Serie A)

Thursday Sept. 3rd
Azerbaijan v Croatia 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Belgium v Bosnia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Italy v Malta 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Netherlands v Iceland 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Czech R. v Kazakhstan 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Broncos v Cardinals 7pm (Preseason NFL)

Friday September 4th
Georgia v Scotland 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Germany v Poland 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Hungary v Romania 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Denmark v Albania 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Portugal v France 12:45pm (International Friendly)
USMNT v Peru 5pm (International Friendly)
Mexico v Trinidad & Tobago 8pm (International Friendly)

Saturday September 5th
San Marino v England 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Russia v Sweden 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Switzerland v Slovenia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Spain v Slovakia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Austria v Moldova 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Brazil v Costa Rica 2pm (International Friendly)
Chile v Paraguay 5pm (International Friendly)
England v Ireland 5pm (Rugby Test Match replay)
Australia v USA 5:30pm (Rugby test match)
New England v Orlando 5:30pm (MLS)
Montreal v Chicago 6pm (MLS)
Seattle v Toronto 8pm (MLS)
San Jose v Philadelphia 8:30pm (MLS)

Sunday September 6th
Turkey v Netherlands 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Latvia v Czech R. 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Wales v Israel 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Italy v Bulgaria 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Bosnia v Andorra 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Iceland v Kazakhstan 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Columbus v Dallas 5pm (MLS)

Monday September 7th
Armenia v Denmark 10am (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Ireland v R. Georgia 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Scotland v Germany 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
N. Ireland v Hungary 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Albania v Portugal 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Colombia v Peru 3pm (International Friendly)

Tuesday September 8th
England v Switzerland 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Macedonia v Spain 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
Sweden v Austria 12:45pm (Euro 2016 Qualifier)
USMNT v Brazil 6pm (International Friendly)
Argentina v Mexico 8pm (International Friendly)

USA v Peru: The boys have a friendly against Peru at 5pm this Friday. American Outlaws Denver will be hosting a viewing party at the British Bulldog with fans overflowing at the Three Lions. Details >>

USA v Brazil: The USMNT takes on Brazil in an international friendly at 6pm this coming Tuesday. American Outlaws Denver will be hosting another viewing party at the British Bulldog with fans overflowing at the Three Lions. This should be a great match, so be sure to get there early to grab your spot. Details >>

Fantasy Premier League: There is no better way to learn the players and teams of the English Premier League than playing Fantasy Premier League. If you have played before, simply log in and create your team, and you will be prompted to rejoin the British Bulldog League. If you are brand new to Fantasy Premier League go to: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and type in this code when it asks you to join a private league 395501-104789. Cheers, and good luck!

Bulldog Lunch Specials: Monday through Friday the Bully offers one of it's amazing entree's on special for only $8. This special includes a free N/A beverage!

Trivia Monday's: Come test your knowledge against other trivia hounds, as Geeks Who Drink host a trivia competition every Monday night at 8pm. Play for house prizes, and enjoy drink specials all night!

Pakistani Tuesday's: Any of our authentic Pakistani Entree's are available every Tuesday night at 25% off the regular price!

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TGIF at the Bully: It's been a long week, and the Bulldog is a perfect place to unwind. Our Friday Happy Hour kicks in at 3pm, for those of you that can boogie early from the job, and carries on to 7pm for any latecomers. With Draught Beer and Well drinks on special there is something for everyone. Good music, good spirits, and good prices carry the day, so come on down and unwind with us every Friday at the Bully!

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